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Letter: Stop wasting taxpayer money

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When is enough truly enough? How many more of our taxpayer dollars are to be wasted on attorney fees and litigation instead of being appropriately spent on our children?

You ask yourself what I'm typing about? A quietly known fact is that the Napa Valley Unified School district has spent many tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on attorney fees and litigation, using a portion of these funds to stop a group of concerned Napa parents from initiating a new middle school intended to support alternative educational opportunities. 

After the State Board of Education approved the initiation of Mayacamas Charter Middle School, a new free and public school available to all and to be located in downtown Napa, our local NVUSD and Board of Trustees have decided to sue over the issue. 

This district, board and superintendent's agenda against options in education for our children is appalling and chilling. Not to mention the continued waste of purported precious resources!

Will further attempts to tap voters' pocket books and frivolously spent district resources be the siren call? Will Napa elementary school student parents, those most impacted by the over-burdened Napa Unified District Middle School environment, become deeply active and interested in these NVUSD actions? When will the NVUSD put the education of our children first? And, when will enough finally be enough?

Tony Parise


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It’s great, the Napa Register of late has had numerous articles about a square footage charge on sidewalks and parklets used for al fresco dining offered by local restaurants. I believe it was a $10 per square foot annual charge.

I read with interest last week’s article about the poor condition of Napa roads and future repaving projects. I was a bit surprised that Vichy Avenue and parts of Old Sonoma Road were selected in recent repairs. It seems that streets regularly traveled by a majority of citizens would have taken higher priority for repaving projects.

Perhaps one of the most profound gifts of the Advent season is to remind us that humans are social animals and need each other to survive (if not thrive) physically, mentally and spiritually.

In February I am going to celebrate my 90th birthday. I have no need for material gifts but  if anyone feels the need to remember that day I would request donations be made to the St. Labre Indian School in Montana:  

Let’s change our approach to the abortion issue. Neither pro-life nor pro-choice people will ever convince the other and it’s folly to keep trying. One says, “never,” and the other says, “rare.” It sounds close but the gap between them, though apparently narrow, is deep and impassible.

As Optimist Youth Basketball begins its new season, I would like to acknowledge the generous grants we received this summer from the Gasser Foundation and Napa Valley Community Foundation, namely its Donor Advised Funds: the Turley Family Fund; the Thacher Family Fund; the Basset Fund; the Klenz Family Fund; and an anonymous fund. 

Along with so many other Napa County citizens, I have been very appreciative of the work you’ve done both in Washington--on issues like the environment, health care, and gun violence prevention--and locally, in your tireless support of businesses and social service organizations of every stripe.  I have voted for you in every election since you began serving in the House in 1998.

This makes it all the more awkward and distressing to consider your public posture regarding the campaign to recall Supervisor Alfredo Pedroza. That posture was described in a letter appearing in the Napa Register in September above your name and those of Senator Bill Dodd and Assembly Member Cecila Aguiar-Curry. It is disturbing on three counts. 

Look what happened on Election Day. It was a veritable referendum on the unbridled growth and development ambitions of those that believe that all Napa land is theirs to develop without regard to environmental consequences. Well, the citizens of the county spoke with a resounding voice and expressed their concerns about our environment, social inequities, and awareness that our shared natural resources are at stake. The developer candidates were resoundingly defeated.

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