Napa County farmers are the most environmentally sensitive and progressive farmers in America. We use the newest science and best management practices to keep our rivers and air clean and to keep our soils where they belong. We take a back seat to no one when it comes to honoring our commitment to our environment.

Randy Dunn’s Napa Valley Register letter of May 24 ("tobacco logic?")  is demeaning and insulting to all of us who farm and oppose Measure C. Just because almost the entire wine industry opposes Measure C doesn’t mean we are “anti-conservation, anti-environmental, anti-science” as he falsely claims.

Randy is also ignoring that I have emailed him links to my www.stopmeasurec.com site that provide 11 science-based forestry articles directly challenging conventional, but outdated, 20th century failed forest policies that Measure C relies on. Six of these articles were published in 2018 with the oldest being published in 2014.

Measure C will severely curtail oak tree cutting, which will promote forests becoming overcrowded with deadfall, brush and small trees, leading to unhealthy forests. This overcrowding will set the forests up to become more susceptible to disease, insects, drought and intensely hot fires.

Forests are like any plant: the more there are of them the more water they will use, which will ultimately result in less water being released into our streams and creeks, exactly the opposite of Measure C’s goals.

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Isn’t it time for Measure C supporters to embrace 21st century science?

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Stuart Smith

St. Helena

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