I am really disappointed in the Napa City Council for continuing to ban recreational cannabis storefronts.

This is a fine example of voter suppression. Let me remind everyone that 21,005 (62 percent) registered voters within the city limits voted Yes on Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act.

Why do our city council representatives think we don’t want to be able to shop for it in town?

Why are they ignoring comments at city council meetings by community members about recreational cannabis sales?

Have they read the reports about opioid consumption versus cannabis consumption?

Have they read the reports about the black market in regulated versus non-regulated municipalities?

Many of the council members are registered Democrats. As a state delegate elected by the Democratic Central Committee, let me inform you, the Democratic Party supports commercialization.

Will the real Democrats please stand up for our democracy and repeal their discriminating recreational cannabis storefront bans and expand the zoning to include downtown Napa?

Kimberly Richards


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