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Regarding the shortage of personnel to staff restaurants in the Napa Valley, this is perhaps the canary in the mine. The Valley has reached its saturation point and has answered the question of how much is too much?

They say that the reasons are: the high cost of living here and the lack of "affordable" housing. Perhaps, these are the result of not paying your staff adequately? Treating them fairly? Owners need to look in the mirror and accept some of the responsibility.

This resistance to accepting responsibility seems to be a real problem these days. Before decrying the lack of help, they should, instead, ask what are we doing wrong? As for "affordable" housing: what does that mean exactly? "Affordable" where? "Affordable" for whom?

Perhaps, we are being told: enough really is enough. We don't need any more restaurants, any more wineries, any more tasting rooms. Maybe we really have reached our saturation point.

Lucretia Marcus


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