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It's funny how soundbites from the Yes on Measure C campaign lead you to believe that Measure C will protect our hillsides. It won't.

Measure C Is taking aim at the wine industry, but does nothing to address the truly damaging developments on our hillsides: luxury homes, event centers, resorts and wineries in the Agricultural Watershed district.

While these permanent, irreversible structures can be built around oak woodland areas by clever architects, those behind Measure C know that vineyards are built in rows and cannot be as easily designed to accomplish the same goal. But vineyards remain open space, don't entitle other more permanent uses and can be removed for other crops, natural vegetation or even oak woodlands.

Those behind Measure C attempted to solve a problem that doesn't exist, but failed to open their eyes and target the real threats to our hillsides: the permanent structures not covered by the measure are the true threats to our scenic vistas, hillsides and county's environmental landscape. Measure C won't protect our hillsides, but it will encourage land uses that will destroy them.

Ross Evin Cofer


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