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Measure D goes too far

Measure D goes too far

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There is a measure on the ballot that proposes to eliminate personal-use airports and heliports and to greatly limit the circumstances under which helicopter landings in support of direct agricultural activities may take place.

So who cares, you ask? Most people can’t afford a plane/helicopter, much less a ride in one, so why care about someone else’s right or ability to own, ride and land one (on their own property)? You know the word that comes to my mind is "freedom."

One by one personal freedoms are eroded with laws such as these and I have a problem with that. So, I respectfully submit, should you.

Eventually, someone will be irritated by something you do on your property and they’ll go after your freedom to do it. Is there really so much personal plane/helicopter traffic outside the airports in Napa County that this draconian amendment to the current ordinance is necessary?

And who cares what the rich hillside winery owners need to keep the vines free from mildew or crop destroying pests? Our high property values are a direct result of living in the midst of this rich viticulture and every home that is sold in Napa County comes with a disclosure that states you are living in a agricultural preserve and that involves agricultural operations.

Yet once the city people move into the Ag Preserve, they start their relentless chipping away at those operations that offend them in some way, whether it be noise from an occasional helicopter or wind machine, sulfur dust, etc. I suppose they’ll go after those things next.

No doubt the hot air balloons and official airports offend them as well and perhaps removing those operations will be next.

Sounds like petty class warfare instigated by a select few who have decided that ‘the proliferation of personal use airports or heliports would be inconsistent with and detrimental to the rural, agricultural and peaceful character of Napa County’.

Perhaps I am old-fashioned, but I think less is more when it comes to regulation. Tolerance within reason is the way we can all cope in this county where population encroaches more each year into agricultural areas.

Cameron Wilder


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