I was a soldier in the U.S. Army in World War II. Perhaps this article shall ring a bell in someone.

There was a large group of soldiers surrounding a strange animal. Upon a closer look, I saw Everett Lewis, who was in my Ag class at Napa. Here’s a guy from Napa that can ride that beast. I had to prove that we of Napa were brave.

They were yelling. I jumped on, grabbed the reins and trotted off. Everyone cheered. Someone said, “You are a brave GI.”

“Me?” I said. “A cow.” He told me that animal had challenged Bengal Tigers and they don’t like GIs. I slid off the side and headed back to the group.

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That night in the chow line, people gathered around like blue tick flies around a swill bucket and I tried not to be the hero. I wasn’t. And I heard a voice say “Where’s you learn to ride like that, soldier?”

Dick Marquette

Sutter, Calif.

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