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Mike Thompson should be pushing for your values

Mike Thompson should be pushing for your values

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So, Congressperson Mike Thompson voted for the war budget yet again. I know, it's not a big surprise to many of you, considering that he votes for almost all military spending, including every war budget during the Trump years.

Our Congress has allowed tens of millions of Americans to try to survive, for the last eight months on $1,200, and has done nothing to prevent the looming eviction of about 30 million families, despite the fact that a majority of Congress was there in 2008 and saw how bad it was for themselves. And 2021 is going to make 2008 look like a camp-out.

But our Congress can find $740 billion for the military at the drop of a hat. Not a problem.

For those of you who don't know, I ran against Mike twice, including losing the 2020 primary. So, I thought I'd take a look at this year, and see what ole Mike has been up to, because I think I would have done a lot better job. I really do.

Some will call me sour from losing, and to that I say "Damn right I'm sour! This crook takes $2 million every election to look you in the face and tell you he supports things like Medicare For All, and then he doesn't do a damn thing to make it happen."

So, in March, Mike voted for the $2.2 trillion wealth transfer to the rich that gave most of us $1,200 checks. It's hard to fault him for voting for immediate relief when that was so desperately needed, but its failings set up our current situation. Then Pelosi tried with another wealth transfer, the even bigger $3 trillion wealth transfer, which Mike voted for.

For more than half a year, Pelosi has refused to consider any alternative, because she's trying to loot our economy for her donors. And Mike has been pushing for Pelosi's wealth transfer ever since. Since the lockdown started, and during fire season, he's been spectacular at publishing information regarding the number of cases or information about the fires. I give him credit for that, but we don't elect people to Congress just to pass along information. We generally expect them to fight for our values.

Reps. Ro Khanna and Tim Ryan have a bill to provide $2,000 Universal Basic Income that Mike failed to support. Many politicians have been calling for Medicare For All, at least during the pandemic, but Mike has failed to raise his voice in support, opting instead to push telehealth. Maybe because he's on the telehealth caucus. As a member of the Ways & Means Committee, and the Health Subcommittee, Mike could have been really helpful in getting this done. But he chose not to.

Even now, in December, when people are beyond frustrated at Pelosi's and McConnell's apathy, barely scraping by, facing a long cold winter, the holiday season and possibly 30 million evictions come January, all of the more progressive officials (and even a few Republicans) have been calling for more. But not Mike. He just wants the HEROES Act passed. He doesn't care if you have healthcare in a pandemic. He doesn't care if you get evicted in January. He cares about towing the party line. How in the hell do you keep re-electing this man, district 5? Because he's "nice"? Are you kidding me?

Here are a few of the ridiculous Congressional caucuses that Mike is a member of (taken from his own website):Congressional Wine Caucus; Congressional Invasive Species Caucus (killing invasive species); Congressional Motorsports Caucus; Congressional Shellfish Caucus; Congressional Telehealth Caucus; Blue Dog Coalition (conservative Dems); Congressional Cut Flowers Caucus; Congressional Lupus Caucus; Financial Protection and Life Insurance Caucus; Friends of Lichtenstein Caucus; Friends of Switzerland Caucus; General Aviation Caucus; U.S.-India Caucus; U.S.-Japan Caucus; U.S.-Philippines Friendship Caucus; UK Caucus.

Jason Kishineff

American Canyon

Editor's note: The Register asked Rep. Thompson's office about the issues raised by the author. Spokesperson Alex Macfarlane sent the following response: "The defense authorization bill funds our military and supports our military families. This bipartisan measure made significant and important policy changes. It will help prevent domestic violence and sexual assault in the military, improve housing for military families and add to childcare on military bases. The bill also removes the names of traitor Confederate generals from military installations around our nation.

 "As far as Coronavirus relief, Congressman Thompson has been Washington, D.C. all month and will continue working to get a bill passed to help struggling families, workers and small businesses. He has helped write and voted to pass five Coronavirus relief bills with more than $5.8 trillion in funding to provide emergency unemployment insurance, stimulus checks, paycheck protection program funding for small businesses, rent relief and eviction moratoriums and much more."


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