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The cartoon printed Jan. 1, “The Ball Drop” picturing a big ball, “2018 Minimum Wage Hike” smashing a building labeled “California Business” was at the least insensitive, and largely offensive to the majority of working Americans who depend on a “living wage.”

The cartoon reminded me of the logo character of the game Monopoly: Fat Cat complaining about how the common person would expect the respect and value of a livable salary.

The latest GOP tax breaks are going to benefit the big corporations and their stockholders. How much of this break will benefit companies and investors going offshore? Trickle down is fake news. It is the working folks who spend their earnings in their community, supporting those businesses.

Ironically, there was a letter the day before extolling “having a job that pays a good and living wage that is well above the federal government’s ‘official poverty line’ is the human right of every American who is willing to lead a responsible and productive life.”

It is the ‘humane’ and ‘just’ thing to do. We’re talking here about our families, friends, and neighbors.

Hopes for a prosperous 2018.

Laurie Puzo


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