Thank you for the article announcing my appointment as president of the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway, and Transportation District Board of Directors ("Napa woman appointed president of Golden Gate bridge district," Oct. 2).

The Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District, of course, sent a press release that I approved, to the Napa Valley Register. It was important, I felt, to include some Napa County history in the press release, which the district did.

Unfortunately, an essential paragraph of that press release did not get included in the article published by the Napa Valley Register. I've included the wording here, so that Napa County has a more complete picture of the legacy of Napa County at the Golden Gate Bridge.

"Pahre . . . is the seventh Director representing the County of Napa since the District's inception in 1923. In 2000, she succeeded Napa representative Ginny Simms, who retired from the Board after serving for nearly 10 years."

Barbara Pahre


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