In December of 2017, my entire life changed at age 72.

My dog and I were both attacked by two dogs – not leashed – a Chihuahua and a blue-nose Pitbull, while the owner of these dogs watched. He was totally out of control emotionally and so were his two dogs.

As I fought off these dogs, I, in defense mode, tried to kick the Pitbull away, simultaneously trying to get my dog in my arms as the Chihuahua was nipping at her. With this chaos, I lost my balance, falling directly backward, with my dog under my buttocks area.

My warning is this: Carry pepper spray.

For the last six months, I have lived with pain – not on a scale from 1 to 10, but rather a level 25 and above. Both of my shoulders were broken, along with my left arm.

In January, I was able to contact Molly’s Angels for transportation to doctors’ appointments and physical therapy.

With that call to Molly’s Angels, I heard a reassuring, loving and caring voice. I was told not to worry; the angels would transport me. That voice was from Nicole.

Nicole has stayed true to her promise and so have all the Angeles involved in my two-to-three-times-per-week appointments. Every angel was always on time, cheerful, courteous, and at times humorous.

These two angels – Nicole and Howard – went over and above helping.

Nicole took me to a doctor’s appointment, supposed to be one hour, but that turned into three hours. Her concern was my pain level, as she had to adjust her agenda to this new timing.

Howard signed up for the last months after my last hospitalization. His reassurance gave me a comfort level, as did humorous moments lifting my spirits. Howard opened car doors, walked me into the therapy center, making sure of my safety and that scheduling was on time, and his prompt timing to pick me up. So when I got home, I could use ice backs and heat to reduce the level of pain after therapy.

In March, I needed to return to the hospital ICU. An angel gave the nurse chocolate brownies to deliver to me. What a touching moment while being hooked up to all the machines and tubes everywhere. So very special.

The office staff and angels were so very concerned about me, as they are of all their clients.

What was a day made in Hell, each angel walked through it with me to reassure me we would get to the other side. For that, I will always be grateful.

I will now be receiving in-home supportive care to help in my continued healing process.

Molly’s Angels is a non-profit organization consisting of true Earth angels, for when your own personal Hell is right in from of you.

For those who have needed their services or those who haven’t – please appreciate these angles with a donation to subsidize their finances. These leaders have taken each client into their hearts. They don’t need to have their shoulders carry the burden of finances.

The community would suffer greatly without the Molly’s Angels organization. Please donate.

Marylou Brekke


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