I would like to update everyone on the ongoing problem the County of Napa is having with the Napa County Fairgrounds.

I sent all of the board of supervisors a detailed list of information on how the fairgrounds has handled similar problems, along with the fair board members that were in place at the time so that the county legal team can move forward on the sale of the property.

Since the county signed only two contracts with HMC promotions for 2019 they lost out on over $70,000 which could have been used to update repairs on the buildings on the property.

I strongly advise the county supervisors move forward in a speedy manner to get contracts for racing to take place at the fairgrounds for 2020 as racing series and fans make plans now for the 2020 season.

Bonnie Chisholm 


Former Napa County Fair Association board member

From the editor: According to Helene Franchi, Napa County Deputy Executive Officer, the Board of Supervisors approved one contract with HMC in July 2019. "The contract approved two racing events – the Louis Vermeil and the World of Outlaws. The county and the city are moving forward with the real estate transaction which sells the portion of the Fairgrounds which has the Speedway to the city. Staff anticipates entering into contracts for racing events in 2020 in the near future."

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