Must we wait at home forever?

Must we wait at home forever?


Every day that I read the newspaper, I question how much longer our society can survive under the oppression of un-elected bureaucrats.

According to your Breaking News story recently, Karen Relucio has recommended against staging any "large-scale gathering until Napa County reaches the fourth and final stage of COVID-19 recovery, which requires the creation of a vaccine to prevent the disease."

What if a vaccine is never found? We have been waiting more than 35 years for an AIDS vaccine. The normal flu shots only cover about 60% of the flu mutations every flu season. And the coronavirus has already mutated numerous times since it was identified.

Are we supposed to sit in our homes and socialize only by internet connections for the rest of our lives waiting for the miracle cure?

Being older than 60, I am willing to risk the possibility of a shorter life in exchange for a better life.

As the Cordairs so aptly stated: Not dying is not living.

Those who wish to isolate can still do so. But let the rest of us don our masks, wash our hands and gather together.

Judith Leichtnam


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