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I am greatly saddened to read that Compadres Rio Grille is losing their lease and is forced to look for a new location, due to being replaced for the terrible idea of a 24-hour card room, of all things.

Compadres is truly a Napa gem (with delicious food, their popular and fun taco Tuesday, amazing margaritas, children's menu and friendly staff) and I have been their loyal customer since they were in Yountville. I read that the owner Rich is looking for a new location in Napa, but as a restaurant owner myself, I know how difficult and expensive it is to move, as well as tremendously stressful a journey.

Why doesn't Compadres' landlord know how much we love this restaurant and its current location on the river and be supportive of this locally owned and very loved restaurant? Also, while the 24-hour card room I read is permitted for the location, I feel strongly this is bad for Napa and cannot understand how our City Council would allow such a business. A card room can't be good for Napa, in fact it sounds like something that will draw crime.

I hope for the best transition for my favorite restaurant but my heart breaks at the same time for this uncaring challenge the landlord has forced them to face. I love you Compadres and look forward to visiting you soon for the best enchiladas rancheros in Napa.

Renee Cazares


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