I'm surprised at the naivety of the Napa Valley Cannabis Association's belief that "taking their case to the people" concerning local cannabis cultivation will, even if successful, have the slightest effect on our community's "leaders."

A majority of Napa voters approved a medical cannabis dispensary in 1996. It took 22 years for that to actually happen. 22 years. And it wouldn't have happened at all if another majority of Napa voters hadn't voted in 2016 to allow full retail sales of cannabis to any adult. That scared our "leaders" so much that after 22 years of kicking the can down the road, they though they could buy some time by tossing voters a bone and finally allowing a medical dispensary where tourists, of course, would not be able to shop.

Clearly our "leaders" are in the pocket of the wine industry, that fears that visitors will come here and spend their money in cannabis shops, and not in wine tasting rooms. The wine industry gets whatever they want, every single time. The "will of the voters," my rear end.

Richard Aldrich


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