Napa County needs a vision for the future

Napa County needs a vision for the future


We have a candidate for District 4 Supervisor who meets two important qualifications.

First, Amber Manfree is a fifth-generation Napan who values, and wishes to preserve, the agricultural heritage of Napa County.

Second, Manfree has the necessary education, training, experience and scientific background to help guide Napa County through the necessary steps addressing the effects of climate change and water quality.

Napa County needs a vision for the future if the assets that make Napa County so productive and valuable are to be preserved.

If Napa County is to remain a dominant part of the wine industry, climate change is an issue that must be dealt with. If the issue of carbon is not addressed, then it seems unlikely a change to varieties more tolerant of hotter hots, colder colds and a more arid climate alone will be the answer to climate change needed to keep the area dominant.

In Napa County, the issue of vineyard expansion into the watersheds has been a contentious issue. Removing thousands of trees in order to plant vineyards works against the goal of reducing the carbon footprint. The science seems fairly clear on this point. But there are those seeking to turn the wooded hillsides into vineyards in spite of the science. The issue is one the county wrestles with.

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