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On behalf of the Napa High Alumni Association and all Napa High grads and people who love "our Indian," I would like to say "Thank you" to Jerry Harris, the Napa High woodshop teacher, and his 3rd period woodshop class for "refurbishing" our 1937 "original" Indian.

Everything from measuring the Indian (5 by 6 feet) to building a beautiful wooden and glass box to preserve it, it was a work of love and respect, and we are so appreciative.

Along with Jerry Harris, our thanks to the following students who were instrumental to this project: Brady Bledsoe, Amanda Morgan, Henry Perez, Robbie Gomez, William Daw, and Cole Brown. You have truly taken part in Napa High/Indian mascot/symbol history.

Our thanks, also, to Art, the owner of Napa Valley Glass, for donating the labor involved in "sealing" the Indian linoleum surface with glass. Thank you for your support and respect for Napa High and our Indian.

Marilyn Reid

NHAA President

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