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The Napa Recycling and Waste Services failed to properly notify their customers about changes to the Christmas and New Year's Day pick up schedule.

In our area, there were many cans sitting out late Tuesday to be picked up per the normal schedule. So I called the Service Center and found out that our pickup day has been slipped one day from Tuesday to Wednesday for the Christmas and New Year's weeks.

It seems many people did not get word of the change.

According to the Service Center, everyone was notified via an insert in our billing statement. With each bill, we get various inserts about recycling. Many of these inserts are of little importance and we just toss them into the recycling bin.

Important information, such as changes to the pickup schedule, ought to be noted right on the bill where it can be readily seen. The notice ought to be printed in a color that stands out from the normal billing information. We hope the system works better for the next holiday.

Richard Cady


Editor's note:  The Register asked Napa Recycling & Waste Services about the issue raised by the author. Recycling & Public Education Manager Tim Dewey-Mattia sent the following statement:

"Yes, if your service day falls on one of three holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Day – your trash, recycling and compost will be picked up the following day and service days will be pushed back a day for the rest of that week.  We provide regular service on all other holidays.

"Since Christmas and New Year’s are on Mondays this holiday season, all customers are impacted and everyone’s service day is a day later than normal this week and next week.  If you set out your carts on your regular service day, no worries; they’ll be emptied, just a day later than normal.

"We try to notify customers of the service changes in multiple ways.   Besides the insert in the bills, we also post the information on the front page of our website,, on Facebook and Twitter, and on our main phone message. 

"The City of Napa shared the information in the NewsWeekly email newsletter and through social media as well.  We certainly encourage all customers to read the bill inserts, check our website, or follow us on social media for all pertinent service information.

"We’ll look into the possibility of putting the info directly on the statement, and we welcome other suggestions on how to get the word out to more customers.

"As always, please feel free to contact us at 255-5200 with any questions.  We also invite everyone to follow us (and engage with us!) on Facebook and Twitter @NapaRecycling."