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 I agree--Housing, housing and more housing in Napa ("Napa Chamber: Housing, housing and more housing in Napa," June 13).

I recently had the opportunity to tour the Napa Oaks property and left feeling that the city would be nuts to not approve this project. I appreciate the careful environmental protections taken by the builder to locate the homes in clusters, in previously graded areas of the property to minimize disturbing the natural areas and hillsides.

The developer showed us that 50 acres will be permanently protected open space and they will put another 29 acres of hilltop oak woodland ridge to the north in a permanent conservation easement.

Would another developer in the future do this? I highly doubt it.

Additionally, the public benefits are well beyond anything I’ve ever seen in a housing development in Napa. These benefits include safety improvements on Old Sonoma Road, public hiking and biking trails and more all at no cost to the public or taxpayer.

As a resident of Napa, I appreciate when builders are willing to partner with the community in a way that benefits us all.

I have lived in other communities that would welcome a project with such quality homes and so many public benefits and we should do the same. I ask City Council to not deny Napa this project because of a few loud NIMBYs. I’m sure if you approve the homes, most of the opponents will one day enjoy hikes or bike rides on the public trails and will consider the new homeowners their neighbors and maybe even friends.

Pat Clay


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