Hats off to the booster clubs of both Napa and Vintage High School for working together on a joint fundraiser to support student extracurricular activities and sports programs.

The event is a drawing to receive a new Volkswagen Jetta donated by our very own Hanlees Volkswagen and Subaru dealership. It’s only a $20 donation. If all the tickets are sold, each school has the potential to raise $100,000 to fund the gap state funds don’t cover.

Many people probably aren’t aware that booster clubs fund uniforms, equipment, assistant coach stipends, referee costs, supplement transportation costs, tournament fees, balls, bats, nets, helmets, goals, just to name a few.

School athletics and music programs would not exist without the volunteers and fundraisers that subsidize the operating budgets of schools. The boosters fund all sports, although the assumption is the money goes only to football -- it doesn’t. Booster clubs fund many different student groups and teams.

When Lisa Price Ghisletta, a mother of Napa and Vintage students, shared the idea to work with a local car dealership to have a car donated and students selling five tickets each at $20, she created the opportunity for this fundraiser to be a community joint venture with Napa and Vintage.

This is an awesome teachable moment for students to learn how to work in collaboration for a common goal from which both schools will benefit. She learned about this type of event from friends in Chico who have successfully implemented this program and have raised not jut funds but friends too.

It’s a fundraising/friendraising event. Thanks, Lisa. Thank you to those decision makers who voted to do the fundraiser; it’s important for our kids to work together and demonstrate school and community pride.

If you would like to purchase a ticket you have many choices; just ask a student.

I’d like to give a huge shout-out to Hanlees Volkswagen dealership for providing the new Jetta, which will go home to someone the night of the Napa vs. Vintage Big Game. The winner will be announced at halftime.

Thanks to all the parents, students, families and friends who are making the $20 donation to ensure students have extracurricular activities in which they will learn life lessons: humility, teamwork, leadership, empathy, commitment, integrity, responsibility and accountability.

Good luck with the event and I encourage my community to step up and make a donation to support Napa and Vintage booster clubs.

Rachel Phillips


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