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Napa was once a beautiful town

Napa was once a beautiful town

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Napa was once a beautiful town where my wife and myself grew up. In the ‘70s, things started to change. They started tearing down some of the most beautiful buildings and Napa would be changed forever.

I remember some of the articles in the Napa Valley Register about how could Napa get some of the tourists to stop here and not all go to St. Helena. Well, they figured it out and now you have what we have today: A crowded mess, high-priced restaurants and stores that most locals can't afford to go to.

Now with all the hotels and restaurants, there are lots of low-paying jobs and the people who work cannot afford to live here so now we are trying to build low-cost housing for them. It is like a monkey chasing his tail.

The commute traffic is a joke. It is hard to even get around town, and if you are trying to go out of town you better pick the right time or you will be stuck in the awful traffic that is bad for our environment.

When I drive through town today, it reminds me of the town I once knew, without all of the tourists.

Stop building hotels and more tourist attractions and you won't need all of the low-cost housing and maybe develop back to a community again.

Stop spending money on the tourist, like spending millions of dollars on Main Street widening sidewalks for outdoor eating, taking parking places away, installing two bathrooms and hanging plants on the light posts (Who pays to water them?).

I remember the article in the Register, "We must get this Main Street work complete before BottleRock."

Being reliant on the tourist tax dollar has burned Napa in the past, the recession, the earthquake, the fires and now this pandemic. It will happen again someday and the good people of Napa will pay for it.

I sincerely hope after this pandemic is over that our city leaders will wake up and realize that having all your eggs in one basket isn't such a good idea.

Bill Coffield


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