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To help prevent the billions of dollars of property loss the and lives lost in wildfires, all new buildings built in wildfire prone areas should be much more fireproof.

Spanish style ceramic roof tiles are excellent: they absolutely can’t burn. The edges of Spanish style roof tiles should be cemented in to keep out bird nests and embers. Stucco covered exterior walls are pretty fire resistant.

Eaves should be boxed in with fireproof materials or eliminated altogether. All exterior air vents should be ember and flame resistant. Wooden decks should be outlawed. Doors, door frames, and window frames should be fireproof.

There should be at least two escape routes (roads) from every building. For more information see the FEMA web page: "Home Builder's Guide to Construction in Wildfire Zones."

Local building codes should be improved, or better yet, improve the California building and residential codes.

Reese Holser