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Now a brand-new year is about to begin

Any resolution to make? Give up some sin?

Well now, that just creates a giant ball of wax.

Is that bad thoughts, words, or simply just acts?

Guilty as charged! I’ve likely committed them all.

How much further from grace could I possibly fall?

But, with each new beginning there is some small hope

that I’ll not slide once more down that slippery slope.

Thinking positive this time that I can blaze a new trail

with peace, hope, and love of which I can myself avail.

Be kinder to others and be less judgmental too,

both are probably key to reducing my sins a few.

I find myself to be so blessed having all that I need

while so many go hungry- nothing on which to feed.

I have a nice house while some have no shelter

in winter they freeze and summer they swelter.

I am so grateful to live in a wonderful community

where a great deal is done when we work in unity.

Take heart this new year if in spirit you’ve been down,

if politics, finances, or lost love caused you to frown.

It’s a new beginning, a fresh page on which to write

a new story of yourself so you’ll be seen in a new light

Not only in your eyes but in those of others as well,

just how that all works out, really only time will tell.

Pick a cause this new year, join others of like mind

and I am really betting much satisfaction you’ll find.

In twenty nineteen, step up to the plate, do your part

I invite you to join me in getting off to a good start.

If we each do a little better, the good done will multiply

until more can eat, more have shelter, and fewer will die.

We have the power, the ability, and resources too

if we pool our efforts there is little we cannot do.

Dorothy Northey


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