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No a sensible decision on drive-thrus

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I could not help but laughing when I read in the local paper the decision by the City Council members to turn down an application for a new restaurant on Soscol.

I think members should seriously reconsider their decision and here is why: Most major automobile manufactures have installed for many year now an engine turn off feature that turns the engine off any time the car comes to a stop. The new Infrastructure bill will further encourage electric car sales- so soon the worry about pollution in drive–thru cars idling will greatly be improved.

I am for compromise always. Put up a sign at the entrance of the drive-thru to encourage customer to turn off their engine when waiting for their food and if council members are really concerned about pollution, the city of Napa needs to at once install a sophisticated traffic light adjustment system that tuns traffic lights to green when no traffic is in sight. Also install a green wave at Soscol and Trancas would greatly reduce car pollution. Many countries and cities have done these improvements.

And I am certain the Council members will now turn down all applications for new hotels and winery construction because of all the extra car traffic and pollution will create. To me the decision does not make much sense and the city also needs additional business other than hotels.

I am a serious environmentalist – recycle all my products – take my batteries to American Canyon since nobody in Napa will take them. I turn my engine off when waiting for my coffee at Starbucks on Soscol. I own a company in China that sells only 100 % compostable/biodegradable products.

I am a private person here in Napa and are not associated with the planned development on Soscol.

Fritz Zschietzschmann


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