No longer family-friendly

No longer family-friendly


I have no choice but to cancel my subscription to the Napa Valley Register once and for all. I have tolerated the tasteless and one-sided cartoons and editorials, but the latest story, front page, on Drag Queens, conforms to everything I've seen gradually happening to my formerly family-friendly town ("Drag queens take the stage in downtown Napa, support LGBTQ group," June 10).

The flag that now flies above Napa's downtown along with our American flag declares that a certain small percentage of Americans has a larger proportion of our interest and favor.

Recently, a heartfelt organization, founded to help Napa Valley women who find themselves in stressful pregnancies, has closed to a lack of funding from individuals and organizations like the Vintners Association who support the foe of our unborn, Planned Parenthood.

We now have wine bars aplenty and family restaurants even swimming pools a rarity. To the many families who have had to flee California in general and Napa in particular, I wish you well and do not in any way criticize your decision. You must do what is best for your children.

For the rest of us who have opted to stay, it's time to stand up for what is right and moral or to put up with the dire results. This is a turning point.

Margaret Crotty


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