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I didn’t vote for Trump, and don’t like his style, values and policies. I’ve not liked other presidents to one extent or another. But now I’m frightened.

Frightened that the person in the Oval Office is becoming more and more unhinged, unbridled, spewing distortions, outrageous accusations, negative labeling, perseverating on old events and complaints. “Unstable” doesn’t begin to describe his rants and behavior. He is exhibiting the behavior of a cornered, dangerous animal lashing out.

There’s no better evidence than his two-hour “performance” at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference. If this was a TV reality show, it might be fascinating to watch someone in the process of melting down in public.

But it is a real realty that he is president and I’m scared. He went so far as to say that “Some members of Congress hate our country.” Let that sink in for a minute or two.

It’s one thing to have different opinions, beliefs, etc., but to go to this extreme is very, very frightening. So much for meaningful discourse, discussion, debate, compromise, valuing the Constitution and rule of law.

If he loses in 2020, what will he do in his last two months in office? Orderly transition? Yeah, sure. He is fanning the flames of a different kind of revolution or civil war to stay in power. Unfit for office? You decide. I have.

John Pearson


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