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For the past 18 years I have resided in Vineyard Valley, that is an oasis in the heart of St. Helena.

I observe, I reflect, I contemplate, and I understand the issues of public interest.

All of these years I have observe the political, economic, creative, and intellectual life and existence of our community.

I do this with a clear and open mind, rising above myself, considering all the possibilities and opportunities that our world and environment offers, within reality.

St. Helena is in the heart of Napa Valley’s economic, cultural and creative environment, with access to all of the elements that are available to generate a solid economic future.

In an environment as Napa Valley, where everything is big, glamorous, high profile, sophisticated, rich and prominent, we can not offered to think small, simplistic and mediocre.

We have to break the mold, we have to think out of the box, maneuvering all available possibilities.

Big problems necessitate big solutions.

The solution to our various predicaments lies in this community’s creative imagination, and commitment to make the necessary changes: imagine, rethink, regenerate.

Our future as a community is in our hands, with all the available resources, we all individually, and collectively have the right and the responsibility to get involved, move on, step in to the future.

Now that we are in the election, re-election cycle, I am observing and reflecting on the candidates' comments and slogans. It is disappointing that none of the candidates express any specific ideas or solution to solve our numerous problems.

We do not need to hear all of the repetitive slogans, we desire to hear explicit ideas, solutions.

Do not be just a “Hope Peddler;” be a doer, a leader.

This town requires and desires leadership, specific and clear accomplishable ideas. Introducing a vision, a plan that people can relate, understand and contribute.

This town has the resources, the intellect, and the creativity to generate our own future and existence.

So candidates, and all the players: Think, Think, Think.

Thinking requires no money, and no permission.

Ferenc Brunner

St. Helena

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