Odds don’t favor creating an economic depression

Odds don’t favor creating an economic depression

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California’s population is 39.51 million, with 68,000 COVID positive cases and just over 2,700 deaths so far: 0.0069% of population.

Napa County population is 140,386, with about 80 COVID-positive cases and three deaths so far: 0.00214%.

Probability of dying if COVID infected (by age group): >80, 15%, 70-80, 8%, 60-7,0 3.6%, 50-60, 1.3%, under 50, less than 0.4%. (worldometers.info).

Understand the stats: the odds don’t favor creating an economic depression. But the swampocrats know that fear is a powerful tool to coerce the lambs to comply with freedom-killing measures in the name of safety.

For those of us that don't fear the flu, the urgency is insurgency, albeit a peaceful but purposeful resistance.

Open Napa now.

Rick Aldine


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