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Once again, I write to you regarding the treatment of refugee children incarcerated by the Department of Homeland Security at your direction.

As you may be aware, on the day I wrote this, Christmas Day, the day Christians celebrate as the day Our Lord, Jesus Christ was born, an 8-year old boy died in your custody.

Many Americans attending the midnight vigil for the baby Jesus’s birth know well that the Holy Family would soon find refuge in Egypt, fleeing the persecution of their king. As these Americans knelt in prayer to thank a merciful God for send a redeeming savior, a young innocent died lacking merciful treatment within our borders.

Previously I said I was ashamed, but now I am appalled at my government's treatment of refugees, particularly children. I have listened to the Department of Homeland Security’s explanations of the necessity for aggressive treatment of refugees. I concluded that your administration’s policies and procedures are inhumane and are intended to coerce and intimidate refugees from lawfully requesting asylum.

With respect for the office that you hold and with confidence in your ability to achieve an honorable and humane conclusion to this matter, I implore you to correct this policy.

Commander Carliss R. Such, USNR (Ret.)


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