Open letter to Robert Plummer, Napa Chief of Police

Open letter to Robert Plummer, Napa Chief of Police


Dear Chief Plummer: I am excited about the prospect of change as this country has been broken for so very long. Perhaps we have been and will always be broken as it seems it is our human nature to be so. Resiliency and hope also seem to be in our nature. It is in that spirit that I write to you.

I am supportive of your willingness to be open to new ways of running things and of your working “to dismantle generations of inequity.” I don’t have a master plan or great vision, though I think it is important to measure performance based on what we want the community to be and not on what we don’t want to see in the community.

I confess I do not know what your performance measures are, so I cannot critique them. Also, I have so much privilege because of the color of my skin, I don’t know all the ways and to what extent institutionalized racism manifests itself daily in Napa. It is clear however, that it does and that the system is biased in my favor, and that isn’t right.

I want to encourage you. This is just such a unique period of time where we are able to see things from so many different perspectives having had so much of the community’s “business as usual” interrupted due to COVID-19 and sheltering in place.

This is an exciting opportunity to rethink how things are done. I pray you take advantage of it and help Napa to be an extraordinary place to live for everyone. I pray for your strength in perseverance, and I pray that we as a community can come together and hold ourselves to a higher standard than we have in the past; one that is based not on personal convenience, preference and opportunity, but on liberty, justice, compassion and love for all.

Therese Fisher


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