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It has come to my attention that a Napa City Council seat will soon be vacated, due to the incumbent moving out of town. This is an elected seat, and yet the current council is making it clear that they would prefer to not open the seat up to the public, as is clearly the letter and the spirit of law, since it is a publicly elected seat.

The current council would prefer to simply appoint one of their buddies, so they can run their agenda uncontested. This form of cronyism and shadow government runs against the very principles of democracy. It is an attempt to subvert the will and the voice (as well as the votes) of the people.

This is our government, even at the city level. This can not stand. The people must not allow this to go uncontested or ignored. This seat should be put up for public election, and if the person they would choose to appoint is truly the best person for the job, then they can campaign and win the election.

Jason Kishineff

American Canyon