This is an "orchids and onions" letter, in short format.

First Orchids to the Register editorial staff for printing so many interesting short letters. I can't handle the three-column letters. Call it short attention span if you wish; I lose interest rapidly in the bloviators.

Second, Onions to NVUSD for so negligently managing resources so as to force a shuttering of Legacy High. Those "at-risk" kids get to transfer to Valley Oak High, at least, but that dumps more kids onto teachers' already-heavy student load. Ultimately, the at-risk kids are on the short end of the stick, for education is the only thing they must have to survive in the world of work.

NVUSD is already in the doghouse for the hazing cases, and the flap over the Napa Indians' fate. Poor fiscal management seems to be a serious problem for the school district.

Onions to you.

Stephen Stanton


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