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Painting the wrong picture of the military

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Man, I am aghast at the thrust of this article ("Racism, discrimination Permeate US Military,", May 28). Here, a black female rose to the rank of Lieutenant. Colonel., a flight surgeon, commander of flight medicine, and claiming racial discrimination. Mind-boggling.

Her claim is based on "some" white subordinates refusing to salute her and "racial slurs." Talk about a persecution complex and this is her in spades; sowing discontent and hate among the black community.

I served 24 years as a naval aviator (1955-1978) retiring as a commander, and even then, in the midst of the Vietnam war, the Navy was wide open to all races. I flew with black aviators, the XO of the USS Kitty Hawk was black.

Yeah, there were race riots during this period, and the Navy made dramatic changes in their promotional programs. Just because there are a handful of racist rednecks does not mean that the entire military establishment is racist. Stephanie Davis is one of the sources of black hate, shame on her.

Russ Reese


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