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Reading the Register article on Dec. 31 which decried the lack of public comment at a recent Planning Commission meeting (during the holidays?) where it discussed ways to mitigate traffic congestion in the Valley was a forehead slapping moment for me ("County considers congestion").

Has the public not been expressing its frustration and anger clearly enough over the burden the rapidly expanding wine/tourism industry has placed on our highways? Has the Planning Commission not read the results of the community meetings on updating the County’s Strategic Plan where traffic congestion was of prime concern and suggestions to mitigate it, like placing meaningful controls on wineries-as-entertainment venues, were made?

And has the Planning Commission not read the many letters on this issue that have appeared in the Register and been written to commissioners and supervisors?

Instead I read only “solutions” voiced by those who have a financial incentive to continue overloading our roads and ecosystems: roundabouts, vine trail expansion, rail/shuttle service, self-driving cars. These “solutions” are merely band-aids.

There are a couple of metaphors that come to mind here. One has to do with elephants in the room and other has to do with lipstick on a pig.

Iris Barrie


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