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This is a response to the letter of David Loberg, dated Dec. 29, 2018 ("A vision of post-Trump America").

Mr. Loberg's portrayal of himself appears to say he is a visionary and a prophet. He has a roadmap planned wherein everyone will profit from his promise of the future, just believe, and and all will be happy.

I think our country has been subject to many Democratic politicians, who for decades have made promises only to break them when elected. Good examples are cities like Baltimore, Chicago and others, where violence, no future, unemployment and other factors have not been addressed in those many decades.

What have the Democrats done to improve the lives of those in these cities? They have severe problems and have rarely had real attention to resolve their problems.

Mr. Loberg appears to think, as do many like him, that Trump is the enemy of the people. He obviously dismisses the promises made and kept by our president.

No other president has accomplished as much as he has in just two years -- things others have promised.

I'm sure Mr. Loberg voted for Obama and Clinton, but little does he realize what these two progressives have to offer the country. Clinton would be a clone of Obama, and knowing his policies, one must ask what did he actually do for anyone.

I did not vote for either candidate for a very good reason. Just prior to his first election, he made this statement, that he would "fundamentally transform" America. Those two words should have been a warning of what was to come.

Our citizens should always pay close attention to how words are used. Anyone interested in the future of our country should do their homework and investigate the ideas of "progressives."

Progressive Democrats are the greatest threat to our country, our way of life and most of all, our constitution.

Warren Brooks


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