Proposed Napa tax would devastate residents

Proposed Napa tax would devastate residents

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It's great to be out and about and enjoying those restaurants that now allow us to sit inside and dine. Wearing the masks is inconvenient, but to please the powers that we must. I am sad though for those fellow Napa's whose businesses were dismantled by the 3 months of "Sheltering in Place" and loss of revenues, just as I am for all those people that were unable to work. Everyone was hit hard, lost money, and quite a few lost their life's work.

We are hearing that a poll is being developed by members of the City Council to test the waters of the city residents for an increase in the sales tax on the November ballot (“Council to poll Napa residents about raising the sales tax to support services,” June 18). It seems the city of Napa cannot handle the loss of revenue from the suffering of their citizens unable to work or from the loss of businesses that had to close -- maybe forever.

Personally, reading the stories of those having to sit at home wondering what will come of their work is heart wrenching. They have given up a lot as the result of the direction of the county Health and Human Services. So now that we are slowly coming back, the number of COVID cases are (gee, who did not see that coming?), and the idea of stricter measures may be on the horizon.

I cannot speak for everyone, but to house arrest us again for a month or two, then raise taxes just to fill your coffers is insulting. How much will the poll cost? Hopefully, it will not be one designed to get "yes" responses, which is so easy to do. How much of the city budget is attributable to the previously agreed upon 18% wage increase or unfunded pension and other liabilities? The suggested consolidation of the Parks and Rec department is a great starting point.

Surely there are other similar consolidations that can take place, reducing the costs of administrators, saving the jobs of the vital "worker bees?"

Lastly, how does the city justify asking its constituents who have been economically devastated to fork over money for a new tax that, as history has repeatedly shown, will never go away?

Billie Ruth Harrel


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