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Believe it or not, racism happened during our beautiful Christmas parade; peace and love season.

At the Christmas parade, the family and I were sat right behind an Anglo lady at the parade. There was passing by this Mexican man selling lighting toys for kids, and when the man stopped in front of us because we wanted to buy something for our granddaughter, the Anglo lady told him; "you get out of the way and go back to Mexico."

The man felt so embarrassed that he left.

My daughter told the lady, "I can't believe that there is still racist people like you, this is a Christmas parade. Why don't you just enjoy, he is working honestly and hard for his family." Then I said aloud "Isn't this supposed to be a season of peace and love?"

But when some people passed by giving away lighting toys, she had her kids to grab some; then she didn't care if the people who were giving the toys away was Mexican or not.

I know that by writing this letter there is going to be different opinions, but I also wanted to give my own opinion by saying that what that lady did to that men was so unfair.

Virginia Rodriguez


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