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It is not easy to think on this higher level, and to cut through the daily B.S. of life stuff. I have noticed something. It appears that there is a ratcheting up of real estate prices playing out over decades of time. Prices of houses go up and up, but never really go back down to maybe a more realistic level.

As an example, I noted that the price of a modest house in north Napa from maybe two decades ago was $400,000. Looking back to the last decade, said example house was $600,000, then went to $800,000, now priced $900,000 to just under a million dollars.

All of this makes the Realtors and city property tax people happy with dysfunctional delirium, as they worship at the temple, at the altar of their invisible, insatiable, and ever-hungry bitch god of this planet, money. Not to mention, the people, the sellers, who have done well for themselves and their inheritors or heirs of their money and property in their families.

The downside is to the working people who don't get bonuses from their jobs. The same working, middle-class people who are the engines of the economy. That would be the real people, who produce the real products and services and get them out into the real economy.

These same working people may not have inherited large sums of money from their families, or won the lottery, or some other money game of chance to buy a house or housing, to have a roof over their heads, and a stable housing situation so they can go to work/a job every day and make the wheels of the economy turn.

I watched from the 1970s forward as my grandparents and parents benefited and were able to make their lives go forward with the uptick in housing prices over the years. It seems to me that we have reached an unaffordable price level on housing. We should think about the future trajectories and where we are headed for housing prices.

Pretty soon in the future, it will be a trillion, bazillion, insane amount of dollars for a cardboard box, shanty shack, homeless encampment down by the river. We will have insanely dysfunctional property taxes from dysfunctional bond measures on said cardboard boxes down by the river, passed by selfish, dysfunctional politicians.

We will have our working people live there. Welcome to our dystopian future. Yuck. Not a future I would want for our people, or any people for that matter.

Folks, or my fellow citizens of this planet, we should think about what we are doing here to ourselves. It is not just here. Couples in Russia are not having children. Why? The high cost of housing.

And it is happening across this entire planet -- from Hong Kong to San Francisco to Sacramento and beyond. This doesn't preclude the many upgrades to houses that have happened over the decades.

Sometimes, the cost really is the cost, a fair assessment of the true dollar cost to fix up a house, or bring it into the modern era. I have tried to come to some sort of solution to this problem, but it escapes me. Perhaps, some think tank of smarter people with smarter minds than my own can figure a way out of this mess.

No matter what you do, likely there will be people who will be unhappy that you have taken away the punch bowl in happy la-la land, where their minds/brains reside. These are the same people who have dysfunctions about money, expecting everyone else to pay the bill, not themselves.

As I have said before, we should go through proper state channels for funding, not dysfunctional bond measures (the nuclear option) that places the financial burden (strain) upon working peoples' property taxes.

So, what is my agenda? The same agenda I had as a young child/boy casting three coins into a wishing fountain and wishing for a bright, happy future for myself and the people of this planet. I see a long, slow, emerging "train wreck" from this ever ratcheting up of property prices.

We are good at making "train wreck" situations for ourselves, then, standing around afterwards wondering what the hell just happened here. Working people need protection from the elements, and a decent, affordable, and stable place to call "Home.”

Matt Zax


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