And here I thought that I was moving to an area of kind, polite residents. Then, I received the first mailer from the "No on C" group and realized that politics are the same everywhere: low, nasty innuendo used to deceive. Well, so much for my Pollyanna mentality.

After reading the actual proposal, there are many pithy little slogans that the courts found to be untrue in the "No on C" propaganda. They were told to change those.

Yet every time I drive down 29, I see that the same untruths are there. I suppose the apologize when caught mantra applies here. Just the fact that the lies and innuendo continues is appalling. Therefore, it is up to us, residents of the Valley to do what is right for us and the generations that will come after.

We already know from the debacle that is the destruction of the South American rain forests what deforestation brings. We should also know what harm planting close to our watershed will do. We are already having difficulty keeping our water clean. We already know the problems that Calistoga is having with the presence of the chemical, Haloacetic (allegedly safe levels) in its drinking water. Do we really need anymore?

The "No on C" group is spending a lot of money on trying to defeat this measure -- please follow the money. Read, understand what is going on, please. Don't depend on "sound bites" to make your decision. Vote, please.

Lucretia Marcus


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