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Reasons for supporting Mark Joseph for American Canyon mayor

Reasons for supporting Mark Joseph for American Canyon mayor


Since the COVID-19 pandemic economies around the world have been devastated and American Canyon has not been spared this fate. It’s going to take an extraordinary amount of financial expertise to lead us through this. Mark Joseph has this experience. His degree is in Public Administration and he has been involved in local government administration for 30 years having previously been the Finance Director for three cities.

I have lived in American Canyon for more than 50 years and I have seen a complete policy failure in addressing the city’s aging infrastructure for American Canyon’s oldest communities -- McKnight Acres and Rancho Del Mar. These communities date back to the 1950s and streets and underground utilities are failing.

While there is some movement in planning for the future maintenance of the infrastructure for newer construction. Several blocks of Rio Del Mar near Wetlands Edge Road had a preserving slurry coat put on it as well as some of the nearby newer streets, but I do not see our city’s leadership moving towards a policy directed at the city as one entity.

There has been a great deal of new construction over the past 16 years which admittedly brings in new revenue, but does any of this new revenue go towards taking care of the aging infrastructure? Fact is, last time I looked at the city’s 5- and 10-year plan, the older part of our city was not in line to receive the help it needs.

The current mayor, Leon Garcia, has had 16 years to address these concerns, and I have yet to see a comprehensive policy dealing with the older portion of the city’s infrastructure. So much talk but no action.

It’s time for American Canyon to have a leader who will change the policy focus on caring for the city as one entity and not just a collection of individual communities. Mark Joseph has had this goal in mind for years. Mark’s financial leadership as well as his future oriented and total city approach is crucial for the future of our city.

Jim Potter

American Canyon

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