The Trump administration is moving to recalculate the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), a plan that could disqualify struggling families and children from programs like food stamps (SNAP), health insurance (CHIP) and quality early leaning programs (Head Start).

Nearly 2 million children, or one in five California kids, live in poverty. In 2018 in Napa County, two parents raising one preschooler and one school aged child needed to earn $79,844 annually to cover basic needs. The official federal poverty guideline for the same family was $24,600.

The federal poverty level is already far too low to sustain families that are struggling to pay for housing, childcare, healthcare and food.

Childhood poverty is a proven stressor that can have long-term effects on physical, emotional and social well-being, affecting educational, career and economic outcomes now and into adulthood.

Call your Congressional leaders to block the FPL adjustment plan and include language to bar it in the final funding bill for Fiscal Year 2020.

Joelle Gallagher

Executive Director

First 5 Napa County

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