I don’t believe it should be called Rent “Stabilization” because that suggests that our rents are not stable. Far from it; I have lived here for over 18 years and have never had an issue with the rent and/or the owners and management.

Then there is the question of why we, the taxpayers, that’s you and I, had to pay $30,000 to force a special election for the measure. Why could it not wait till the General Election? What was the rush? As far as I know, we have no rent issues here in Vineyard Valley at this time, so why all the fuss?

In addition, why is this Rent Stabilization being offered only to Vineyard Valley? In some of the copy written about it, the word Park(s) is used, which seems to connote that there is more than one mobile home park in St. Helena and I know of none other. And what happened to the push for “workforce” housing? Vineyard Valley does not fit that category so why not put more time into getting more affordable housing instead of trying to fix something that is not broken?

Also, the Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association (WMA) has been portrayed as the Big Bad Wolf. But it seems to me that they actually help the owners of the members of the parks. According to their website information, it is a Statewide Association of mobile home park owners of over 175,000 spaces, and WMA has over 1,600 member parks in California, with the vast majority of the membership communities, family- owned and -operated.

In 2001, the WMA formed a charitable organization to help people who are disadvantaged by income or circumstance, and, in 2005 they established a relief fund for residents who have been affected by fire, earthquake or flood or other disasters. Does that sound like a huge corporation that doesn’t care about anything but the bottom line?

I appreciate the concern of my fellow Vineyard Valley homeowners who are working hard in their efforts to promote the Measure because they feel that the homeowners may be taken advantage of, but I believe those people are being misled.

I am afraid they are being caught up in fear tactics by those who are promoting an idea that the Park is on the verge of being sold and that the tenants will be forced to pay exorbitant rents as a result.

Vineyard Valley has been here for 45 years, so what makes people think that, after all those years of stable rents and stable management, everything will be turned upside down? We, Vineyard Valley, are also being compared to other Manufactured Home Parks in Napa and Calistoga and that is like comparing apples to oranges. Vineyard Valley is a totally different kind of “fruit.” It is a place of beauty, comfort and security which a great many of us have enjoyed over the years, and counting.

I hope the people of Saint Helena will join us, the happy, long-term residents of Vineyard Valley, and vote ‘no’ on Measure F in the coming special election.

Jean Martin

St. Helena

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