Regarding the article with the headline in a recent Napa Valley Register: "Water OK’d for Carneros Resort."

The Carneros Resort and its suite of uses that consume water in the form of restaurants, houses, rental rooms, a spa, pools, etc. should be mandated to cut back on its uses. Eliminate some rooms, reduce hours of restaurants, change how they do their laundry, and essentially change their business model to meet their water mortgage. Because that’s what it is, a mortgage. A bank will not give a reduction in a borrower’s loan because their income has been reduced for some reason.

Why is the county even considering letting them out of their use permit. So I ask, why even have use permits in the first place if they aren’t being adhered to. The county of Napa and its agricultural environment should not be the savior for the Carneros Resort. The resort has to operate within its means and the stipulations of their Use Permit or in this case, their water mortgage.

In public meetings at both the planning level and the Board of Supervisors, a strong contingent of citizens who were very familiar with that area’s challenging ability to find good sources of water spoke against the project on the basis of their intimate knowledge of the area and its geology. Their comments were completely disregarded at all levels. Obviously locals knew best.

I strongly recommend that LAFCO not allow the Carneros Resort to receive water from the city. It will set a terrible precedent.

The resort has no excuses for a bad business plan in the first place which was based on an unrealistic expectation of a reliable water source. Those that developed the resort sold it. Took the money and ran. They knew what was coming, or in this case, not coming: water.

Roger Wolff


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