Ross Perot died recently. In 1992 Jack from Yountville and I co-chaired the Napa County Perot for President Committee. By the numbers we were successful, garnering 24.6 percent of the votes, beating the national vote of 19 percent.

With a very eclectic group of enthusiasts we passed out flyers, bumper stickers, books, wrote letters, etc. We even stood on the corner of Trancas and  29 with signs reading “Honk for Perot” (anyone remember?).

It was fun and very educational regarding third-party politics. Maybe Perot’s campaign made Clinton and Congress pass a balanced budget shortly thereafter, basically the main point of Perot’s message.

There will always be a core of Americans that are independent of the slick Dem vs Rep D.C. game and it was an honor to work with them that summer and fall of ’92.

Margaret Forma


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