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I was elated to learn that the county is finally looking in to the bird cannon situation. It has been a long time coming, and it is my hope that a less offensive solution to bird control can be reached between grape growers and residents.

Because Carneros is still such a rural landscape, it has been a virtual free-for-all in doing whatever one wants, with little regard for those of us who choose to live here because of the serenity, peace, and quiet.

One other issue that requires addressing, and is along the same lines as the noise generated from bird cannons is the shooting of firearms (guns) in rural areas surrounded by homes and farms.

Sundays and holidays seem to be the most common; this Superbowl Sunday started off with a bang (literally) with about 25 shots fired into the Carneros Creek. It pains me to bring up the horrific shooting in Vegas, but this is exactly what it sounds like at my house.

Initially it is so frightening that it paralyzes you, and the animals go running for cover. You never know when the next shot is going to be fired.

We live in a world of turmoil with our neighbors, and it's easy to see how it begins right here at home. There's a level of incivility, disrespect, and indifference that's happening right in my back yard.

As with the cannons, it is my hope that some sort of regulation be instilled, unless the culprits stop on their own accord.

Recalling Occam's Razor, the simplest solution usually being the best, please shoot your guns at a designated shooting range. Restore peace and harmony to our usually quiet neighborhood.

Kelley Novak


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