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Ruling elite wants us divided

Ruling elite wants us divided

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We live in an empire. The ruling elite maintains their control with lies reported by a national media system that has largely turned into stenographers, making them all essentially state-run outlets.

These outlets and their co-workers, federal politicians all work together to fabricate a national debate that is safe (because it doesn't include any topic which could change the structure of power) to create the illusion that there is dissent.

It doesn't matter which party is the ruling party, the show is always the same. The topics of their show include things that are guaranteed to drive a wedge between us and keep us fighting with each other.

The truth is that: Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green, or Libertarian, we all agree on a great many issues — issues that the ruling elite don't care to enact.

For instance, most of us will agree that equal access to a decent-paying job is something to strive for. Most of us agree that wars should not go on for 20 years, with no obvious reason to continue, as in Afghanistan. Most of us agree that everyone should have access to basic healthcare and education, even if we don't agree on which policy is best. Most of us don't want others to go hungry or be the victims of violence.

The ruling elite wants us divided. They want us calling each other racist or communist and dehumanizing each other. Because then we won't focus on the structure of the empire, which profits from death and destruction, and transfers that wealth, almost entirely, to the top.

We need to come together and demand basic human rights be met and an end to state-sponsored violence.


Jason Kishineff

American Canyon

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