This may be old news, but I just can't shake it out of my head. The Register ran a couple of articles on renewing the Family Drug into a kind of open-air Oxbow center that tourists like to drop their bucks in, but please don't forget why we locals have been dropping our bucks there for so long.

It's Family Drug--a family owned store that has taken care of my parents, my kids, my nephews.

Like Shackford's on Main, it's a step back in time where you can still get stuff no one else carries, and some things you haven't seen on shelves in years.

I love the idea of a soda fountain. Why not some nickel candy, an antique carousel and some homegrown produce from grapes and eggs to art and wine -- it could be like a stop at the PettiCoat Junction with the hominess of Family Drug still at its hub as folks make their way to our city's sights.

I think it'd be great, and far better than another Oxbow-like tourist trap--Napa's really got enough of those.

The sign does say "Family" and a lot of folks still drive over Old Sonoma with the kids to our fair city. Just something to think about before the spade hits the dirt. And it would fit in with the art deco sign better as well.

Laura Dayton


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