Save our democracy, while there is time

Save our democracy, while there is time


On the Fourth of July 2018:

I cry today for our country.

I cry today for our democracy

Is slipping away from us.

I am afraid today for our president

Has the look of a dictator and

I am incensed today the legislative and judicial branches

Have done nothing to rein in the executive's

Thirst for power and disregard

For democratic principles,

(and the people are silent) .

So here is the mission:

The people must call a national strike.

We must occupy every city hall, every state capitol

Both houses and the white house.

With only one purpose:

Save our Democracy

Impeach Trump.

So here is the task:

Don't go to work, school, the mall, gym or spa.

Instead: make signs, find a sleeping bag or blanket

Make a snack and peacefully occupy.

Fill every room in that building with people

Refuse to leave until the demand is met.

Impeach Trump.

We do not have the time now to debate

immigration, tariffs, racial injustice or

Roe vs Wade.

We must first (while we have the time)

Save our democracy.

Impeach Trump.

Then the people can work together

to heal the damage this tyrant

Has caused to our democracy

And to us as a people.

Always power to the people.

Ralph Mahler



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