Scott Sedgley has what it takes to be Napa's mayor

Scott Sedgley has what it takes to be Napa's mayor


For several reasons, I was excited to hear Scott Sedgley announce his candidacy for city of Napa mayor.

Not only does Scott care deeply about the community, but I can say from personal experience he’s always displayed a high level of interest in the many issues and challenges faced by the city over the years. As a result, Scott has an in-depth historical knowledge of the city, which provides foresight. This type of foresight is invaluable and can only be attained through years of experience and passionate community interest.

I met Scott when I joined the city of Napa Fire Department in 1984. He was poised and polished in terms of job knowledge. Scott could always be relied upon to help other firefighters, especially when it came to educating new personnel.

There was no doubt that Scott had the genuine intention of ensuring new hires became successful members of the team.

When he was promoted to captain, I found him to be honest, fair and consistent in demanding a high level of competency and work output from the firefighters assigned to him.

Scott always led by example and was very successful in earning the respect and loyalty of his subordinates, peers and department managers.

Working in the fire department for many years also afforded Scott the opportunity to understand the role and responsibility of other city departments. This is an advantage that can be obtained only through many years of direct experience.

Scott’s passion, experience, and depth of involvement in community issues, amongst many other qualities, make him a very strong mayoral candidate. More importantly, he has proven to be an honest leader, which is ideal for this type of important role in the community.

Tim Borman

Retired fire chief


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