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I am surprised at Mr. Gordon Evans’ interpretation of what is happening in Napa, and the county ("Are they delusional," Aug. 26). As a matter of fact, I am confused as to whether he is opposed to, or in favor of growth, and progress for the city.

My opinion is, you can't fight progress; you get left behind holding an empty bag. The Studebaker company is a good example. They thought wagons, buggies, and buggy whips would dominate the American culture forever. When they woke up to reality, they were too far behind to compete. '

The automobile companies are thriving and Studebaker is unknown to the younger generation, but a byword and happy memories to the seniors.

I am not in the inner circle of the workings for Napa, and Napa County, but I don't see anything wrong with affordable housing. Neither do I see anything wrong with building more hotels, and motels to attract tourists.

As a matter fact, I would like to see the city planners check into attracting an affordable grocery store such as WinCo Foods. WinCo is an acronym for Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, and Oregon. A Costco is good, but what does a one person family do with a 100-pound sack of pinto beans?

At WinCos, you can buy in bulk, a handful or a 100-pound bag of beans.

Another aspect I would like to see them check into is a buffet where you have many home-style prepared food items on line.

Occasionally I drive to the Golden Corral buffet on Watts Avenue in Citrus Heights, where they have at least 100, if not 150, food items from which to choose. One of my favorites is on the river bank-style fried catfish, with any trimmings you can imagine.

Napa has an abundance of hotsie-totsie-artsie, tourists-eye-catching, I-am-on-vacation-and-probably-won't-be-back-so-why-not-pay-the-price restaurants. What about the permanent residents who spend their money the year around? If the Napa board says we have enough eateries, then do away with duplicates, and attract choices such as Popeye’s, Church's  Chicken, and JJ Fish.

I have talked to people who say people in Napa won't patronize a Golden Corral buffet. My answer to that is bring one to Napa, and watch the parking lot fill with Cadillacs, Jaguars, BMWs, and expensive little cracker-box sports cars. You will have to rope off a section for Toyotas, Fords, and Chevrolets. Even if the first group doesn't come, do something nice for the second group.

See you at the Golden Corral buffet.

David Turner